Jennifer has an exceptional gift. She listens carefully to her patients and is genuinely dedicated to healing their health problems with amazing results. For years I have suffered from scoliosis of the spine, the painful cramp in my back was completely eradicated after Jennifer’s remarkable treatment. She has changed my life using her gift, love and devotion.

Sheila F, Guildford, Surrey

Jennifer is a most wonderful, kind and caring person and has a gift of knowing how to heal the human heart. Her gift of healing and extensive knowledge has brought me back to good health and happiness.

When I came to see Jennifer I was suffering from terrible pain every time I ate, I was underweight, suffering from acid reflux and extreme tiredness. Jennifer listened to me and through her kindness, care and very special healing, which I trusted completely, she nurtured me back to very good health and happiness. I no longer have acid reflux and having just had a bone scan, no osteoporosis, which I am thrilled about. I have a good appetite and its great to be able to eat without pain. My energy has returned and I feel great.

Jennifer, the world is a better place because of your shining light, love and concern for others. You have lifted me from despair to light! Thank you Jennifer.

Charlotte, Zurich, Switzerland.

Jennifer’s knowledge of the body and how it combines with the emotions of the person is quite phenomenal. I have never met in the last 20 years of seeing various therapists such a knowledgeable person and a philosophy which surpasses naturopaths, dieticians and every other body therapist I have ever come into contact.

You know when you see Jennifer that her deep knowledge and concern for people is genuine and can be trusted. My personal journey is one to heal my body severely affected from childhood trauma and unhappiness, which over a period of years has taken its toll on my well-being in various ways. Jennifer is a person who I completely trust who is helping me bodily and emotionally, and who works wonderfully well in tandem with my primal therapist to help those locked emotions come out into the open so I can feel like a person with complete freedom. I feel very privileged to have met her.”

Sarah G, Woking

I respect Jennifer greatly for her open attitude, ‘non-flakiness’ and her years of commitment in mastering her field. Jennifer has a non-judgmental, caring attitude and she has fast become a trusted and genuinely caring figure in my life. I would sincerely recommend her to any one of my friends, or a complete stranger who is seeking help for a small problem or a whole new way of living….

After many years of ongoing digestive problems, with symptoms of feeling bloated and stuck around my middle, I began seeing Jennifer. My health has improved tremendously, I understand my own body in a new light, I am learning the tools to my own health and well-being and beginning to change negative behaviour patterns that held me back from happiness and contentment.

Kura K, London

In my opinion, Jennifer Harper-Deacon is truly a *star*, her professional calm manner as well as her knowledge and her natural gift and perception for healing makes her completely unique.

I first went to see Jennifer Harper-Deacon when I was suffering from bloatedness, dermatitis (skin condition), tiredness and lack of energy. I couldn’t understand why I felt like this and in fact had grown used to ‘putting up’ with these symptoms. After my very first treatment with Jennifer, my symptoms changed and I started to notice an immediate improvement. Within a short space of time, I had lost weight, had increased my energy levels and regained the confidence and energy levels that had been on the decline.

I have continued to see Jennifer on a regular basis throughout the years for my ‘well being’ and ‘maintenance’ programme. If I don’t see her for a period, my energy levels suffer! I have a wide range of treatments from acupuncture to holistic healing and feel that her intuition is always ‘spot on’.

I no longer suffer from dermatitis, I am more ‘in tune’ with my body and haven’t seen a doctor for any day-to-day health care issues for years! I am constantly recommending Jennifer and will happily continue to do so for many years to come.

Rayna A

I have been seeing Jennifer for various problems in regard to my general health and hormonal changes. She manages to put you immediately at ease and gives you the feeling of support, confidence and she reassurance. A very thorough history is taken and help is given in a very holistic way. Changes to lifestyle, diet are all taken into account, and clear advice given. Her “hands on approach” is nothing short of incredible; one leaves feeling uplifted and positive.

A physical example of this would be the day I went in with very swollen ankles and left an hour later with them back to normal. Today’s lifestyles, our diets all create huge stresses on our bodies and she rebalances them, you feel encouraged to make changes that can transform health and vitality.

I have the highest regard for Jennifer and would recommend her to anyone who is truly dedicated to making changes and to take responsibility for ones own health by making changes in lifestyle and diet, for which one is truly supported by her remarkable talents.

Lena J

When I first met Jennifer, I had just had my 5th, 2nd trimester miscarriage and was an absolute physical, mental and emotional wreck. I was unable to function on most levels and had been off work for months. I was suffering from a variety of symptoms including depression, chronic fatigue, urinary problems, severe digestive problems, and very heavy, painful periods.

Over the years, I had seen many alternative practitioners and orthodox medical consultants who had been caring and very competent in their unique fields, but none seem to have made any significant difference to the outcome of my pregnancies or to my health.

Jennifer introduced me to a truly holistic treatment plan combining Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Kinesiology, Reiki and Meditation. Gradually my chronic symptoms began to disappear. My depressive state lifted and I became more energetic and positive. The digestive problems eased and then disappeared, I could now just about sleep through the night – a big change from having to urinate 6/7 times a night. The menstrual symptoms also improved.

Today I am a different person. The experience with Jennifer proved too inspirational to disregard. As my health improved and I started healing on different levels, I felt compelled to investigate how I could really make a difference and learn how to help other people. I left a successful international management career in the IT industry and with Jennifer guidance embarked on a new professional path as a naturopath.

Annette B, Surrey

Thank you so very much for helping me to date and for taking me on as your patient. My summation of how I felt yesterday as I lay on your couch was a sense of calm and peace which I have not felt for a very long time. So with the grace of God and your gift, I am on the mend….or at least have started the journey. Thank you once again for your gift and how you have helped me. It’s a shame that words cannot explain the joy and pleasure of being under your guidance.

Tara M

I visited my GP but they said nothing was wrong with me, so my family decided that I was a hypochondriac. That was until a good friend said to me that I looked ‘dreadful’! But she introduced me to Jennifer.

I soon realised that my below wasn’t well at all – my eyes were yellow which the doctors had missed can indicate a liver weakness – combined with tiredness, depression, aching joints and fungal infections. But it was the depressed feelings that worried me. However, after the first session with Jennifer, the following month my energy levels rebalanced themselves and my depression faded away.

I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to Jennifer about 5 years ago – for the proper listening and healing time you are given. I now have my life back. Thank you.

Sonia W, Lake District

A chance recommendation led me to Jennifer when my three month old son was suffering from eczema. My GP and health visitor could only recommend treating his symptoms with steroid cream which I was not happy with. In a single session Jennifer discovered with testing, a cows milk intolerance and advised which products I could substitute in my son’s diet. My health visitor was totally against Jennifer’s findings so I had to make the decision on my own to follow Jennifer’s advice regardless (not easy when it involves a very young baby). My son’s eczema cleared up within days.

Then three years ago I was made redundant. I did not cope well with the loss of a job I loved and colleagues I was used to seeing daily. I lost all my confidence and, combined with the hormonal changes that accompany the start of the menopause, I gradually became lethargic, depressed, unmotivated and over-sensitive. A trip to my GP resulted in a prescription for anti-depressants, which I was too scared to take. A couple of sessions with a life coach was inspirational but I never found the energy to follow things through. Visits to a health farm were relaxing but the effects soon wore off.

Then I remembered Jennifer Harper-Deacon. During my first session with Jennifer she quickly detected my near non-existent energy levels along with various other conditions. I was overwhelmed by her knowledge and understanding – she seemed to instinctively know all about me without me saying very much. It is this almost psychic-like empathy she has with her patients that allows Jennifer to treat each patient as an individual, rather than running through a tick-list of questions.

After my first visit I had more energy than I knew what to do with and the ‘weights’ I had felt over my eyes had gone. I have seen Jennifer twice since and each time have felt enormous spiritual benefit from the healing I have received – last time I found myself laughing spontaneously, something I had not done for years. I have also been taking various remedies, one of which Jennifer formulated specially for me and which I call my ‘Magic Potion’. Since starting these remedies I have had no PMT, no depression, no bouts of tearfulness and have been generally much calmer and more patient. I have also been sleeping all through the night for the first time in years. The resulting increase in confidence and motivation must be showing too as in the last three weeks no less than four work opportunities have arisen.

There is no doubt that Jennifer is a naturally gifted healer and I feel very lucky to have found her.

Jane P, Camberley

After having a year of reflexology and then a year of homeopathy for a range of symptoms, including an under active thyroid, I was not satisfied that either had helped me very much. I went back to my GP and had lots of tests and he basically said that the thyroxine level that I was taking was fine and that the reason I was feeling so tired, depressed and that I was overweight was that I was eating too much and not getting enough exercise. I was actually exercising and I was also eating a healthy balanced diet which I had cut down and down in the hopes of losing weight. I was at an all time low and felt that there had to be something else wrong with me because I just felt so unwell.

This is when I found Jennifer. When I met her she already knew all about my symptoms from a very detailed questionnaire I had sent in so I didn’t have to spend all my treatment time explaining everything to her. She is so calming and gentle and put me totally at ease. I have been seeing Jennifer for 10 weeks now and already all my symptoms of PMT have disappeared along with my depression, I have got lots more energy, my aches and pains have gone, I have lost 10lbs and just feel so much better.

Jennifer doesn’t give you things to take and hope that they work, she actually tests everything on you first to make sure that they are going to help, and they do! Everything is entirely natural and beneficial. I have read both of Jennifer’s books and found them totally fascinating and they make so much sense. I am so glad I found Jennifer and look forward to a much healthier and happier future.”

Jennifer, thank you so much.

Wendy P

I had had two x rays to confirm a fracture in my hand, but as the pain became unbearable, a third x ray was considered necessary. It showed that the bone had cracked even further, so I was told to stop work and was on pain killers 24 hours a day. The consultant arranged to perform a hip graft into the bone of the finger. I came to see Jennifer who laid her hands on my hand for 10 minutes and also scanned over the area, a few inches off the body. I felt a great warmth from her hands which built up into an extreme sensation of heat, followed by tingling and a reduction in pain.

The week after this experience, I didn’t need to take any further pain medication as the pain had gone. I went to see the consultant for a final x ray before the required operation but the results revealed that the fracture had totally healed, so the operation was cancelled.

My finger broke again several years later and the consultant diagnosed a cyst. Further investigation including an x-ray showed a large tumour that was causing the bone to break. This was removed immediately. However, six months later, I went back for another x-ray as they suspected that the tumour had returned, which it had. However, I couldn’t face further surgery immediately so turned to Jennifer who helped me again. I then returned for another final x-ray only to for my consultant to find that the bone was totally clear of any tumour.

I will always be extremely grateful to Jennifer for her help and support. As a result of this, I am very interested in the power of healing and am studying healing and Reiki.

Dana H, Surrey

I first came into contact with Jennifer after having a large growth removed which was touching my liver, kidneys and right lung. This was subsequently removed in the same procedure as a “kidney removal”, leaving my with a very large scar. 3 months after the operation I was still constantly tired and unable to complete a days work as I would literally fall to sleep over my desk!

Whilst being driven back into London one Sunday my boyfriend and I happened to be listening to a radio show on which Jennifer was the guest speaker.

Jennifer was talking about the strange reactions that some people can have to food including an increase in body temperature….this is what used to happen to me and my boyfriend found it most amusing. We decided to call the radio station and they passed on my details to Jennifer who agreed to take me as a patient despite her heavy work load.

During one of the sessions that I had with Jennifer I mentioned to her about the colours that I saw in my minds eye as Jennifer worked on my body, this had never happened before but now continues and even happens when I least expect it. I also felt a tremendous heat radiating from Jennifer and although she was not touching me.

Jennifer started me on my journey during this time by telling me that I too had the power to heal but would not be able to do so until I had “healed myself”. I believe that Jennifer opened this “gateway” and is a lightworker with incredible gifts. Even writing this I feel emotional yet warm, I know that this is a good feeling. I have no knowledge of how or why this works for me but I can only tell you that it does and I believe that Jennifer opened this path for me. Thank you.

Josie H

I first met Jennifer 10 years ago, when I attended her clinic, after arriving back in UK from living abroad for many years. I was finding it hard to re-adapt to life here and suffered from cystitis and panic attacks. I needed a new direction. Jennifer’s holistic, yet down to earth and reassuring approach was just ideal and her unique approach combining kinesiology to tap into the body, with herbs, flower essences, dietary advice etc, along with healing gradually got me much stronger. She has helped me on many levels over the years, and she is a truly gifted healer. Jennifer can easily zero in on exactly what is needed.

After recovering a greatly improved level of health I decided with Jennifer’s support to train in complementary therapies, and chose aromatherapy with Chinese medicine. I also studied Reiki, colour healing and latterly phytobiophysics that Jennifer introduced me to through her book. She has always encouraged and helped me in my endeavours so that I might help others, the life direction I was looking for.

I have sent all my family to see her, and they have all been helped in numerous ways, from my teenage daughters’ acne to assisting with healing my sons broken collar bone. Lately, Jennifer has been helping me with approaching menopause symptoms such as night sweats and hormonal imbalances, using Chinese herbs and acupuncture which makes a powerful healing tool when combined with her other skills.

Jennifer makes all her patients feel special and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Sue G, Surrey