Naturopathic Physician At Goodwood

Jennifer Harper-Deacon

Jennifer is a qualified & registered naturopathic physician, nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist, iridologist, healer and award winning journalist.
In her clinic she draws upon over 25 years of postgraduate study and practice in the field of Western complementary, traditional Eastern and naturopathic medicine. Jennifer integrates these models for the promotion of health and treatment of dis-ease and combines her multi-disciplinary approach with energy healing and the latest breakthroughs in Functional Medicine.
In functional medicine, underlying factors including environmental influences, mind-body elements and gene expression are just some of the areas considered in this integrative, science-based healthcare system. This creates a powerful way of working with your body both with any problems you face now and in a preventative way, as this encourages healing to take place on many levels by working with your body, emotions and soul.
Awarded Health Journalist of the Year 2008, Jennifer wrote the popular column “What’s the Alternative?” for The Sunday Times Style magazine and is the author of Nine Ways to Body Wisdom, blending natural therapies to nourish body, emotions and soul (Harper Collins), the Detox Handbook (Dorling Kindersley) and the meditation CD Seasons of the Soul.
Jennifer is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of professional bodies whose logos appear below.

"The joy of having my clinic at Goodwood, is not only that the 12,000 acre Estate is renowned for its spectacular setting at the foot of the South Downs, but I have the peace of mind knowing patients can stay at the Goodwood Hotel and experience a healing retreat by enjoying the benefits of the Waterbeach Treatment Rooms, stunning walks and delicious, seasonal, fresh local produce often from the Estate."
"The Goodwood Estate in West Sussex is home to an award winning organic farm rearing rare breed meat and producing cheeses, raw milk and ales. Goodwood Home Farm attained its full organic status back in 2004 and were proud to have the first dairy herd in this country to be organically fed. They have the utmost regard to the welfare of their animals, all sentiments close to my own heart."


The Retreat at Goodwood

The Rest, Revive & Renew Retreat run by Jennifer Harper-Deacon ND is the perfect short getaway to truly rest & rejuvenate your body, emotions & soul.
Taking place in stunning surroundings of the Goodwood Estate The Retreat includes a one to one session with Jennifer, daily classes, full use of the spa and health club facilities with an organic massage or facial. And delicious healthy meals with locally grown and organic Estate produce.
Please use the contact form below for further information and dates.


Bespoke treatments tailored to your individual, specific needs.
Your naturopathic consultation involves a full review of your questionnaire and provides the necessary information on your medical history together with the current state of your physical and emotional health. It is an opportunity to explore any health concerns that you wish to be addressed and includes a variety of non-invasive diagnostic tests.
An initial treatment protocol is determined and devised during this consultation that utilises an eclectic combination of complementary therapies and therapeutic techniques to help bring your body back to equilibrium. Through a process of regular consultations, your progress will be monitored, treatments and prescriptions adjusted to achieve optimum results.
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Diagnostic tests include a full comprehensive health analysis using a Bio-Energetic Screening device, the Asyra Pro which performs numerous full body scans and delivers restorative remedies to help heal the root causes of any imbalances detected. Oriental diagnosis, kinesiology, saliva and/or urine analysis, iridology together with the latest laboratory tests are just some of the testing methods employed.
Lifestyle changes will be discussed, nutritional advice given regarding your diet, food intolerances and any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Other therapeutic treatments may include botanicals including oils, fresh juices, tinctures or teas; homoeopathy; Spagyric medicine and nutritional supplements to help in the correction of any underlying deficiencies and to help promote regeneration. Extra sessions may be suggested including a unique acupuncture treatment that combines traditional acupuncture techniques with the latest technology including a Bio-energetic scan of the meridians, treatment with laser and far infrared heat; therapeutic bodywork using a variety of mediums including organic body oils, healing packs and clays along with energy healing and Reiki.


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Naturopathy uses a variety of natural methods and modalities based on the principles of Naturopathic Medicine to promote, restore and maintain health. This healthcare system recognises the existence of a vital, healing force within the body which can be compromised in times of stress and illness. Naturopathy aims to restore health by activating the body’s self healing powers.


Nutritional Therapy will devise the right nutritional programme for your individual body type and can help facilitate recovery from many common ailments including digestive problems, hormone imbalances, inflammatory disorders and skin complaints. To help identify and correct imbalances, numerous testing procedures are available including laboratory tests.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest forms of healing and a highly effective system that is both preventative and therapeutic. It is based on consideration of imbalances through energy meridians and the vital organs. These principles are incorporated in both diagnostic procedures and treatments including the stimulation of specific acu-points with needles (acupuncture) or fingers (acupressure).


Herbalism is a popular modality that utilises the unique and complex medicinal properties of herbs and plants in the form of tinctures, teas, juices, essential oils or salves. Modern research has validated this ancient practice by confirming that certain plants contain active ingredients known as phytochemicals that have potent properties and so can play a valuable role in helping heal many modern ailments.

Homoeopathy & Flower Remedies

Homoeopathy and Flower Remedies involves the use of highly diluted, gentle remedies that work on the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels helping to stimulate a healing response. An advantage with this system is that it doesn’t interfere with conventional medicine so is often an ideal therapy for patients on medication.


Iridology is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that can help to reveal an individual’s genetic ‘blueprint’ and underlying constitution along with the health of the internal organs through the detailed analysis of the iris of the eye. In iridology, every part of the body that is supplied by nerves has its corresponding reflex area on the iris of the eye.


What her patients say...

Jennifer has an exceptional gift. She listens carefully to her patients and is genuinely dedicated to healing their health problems with amazing results. For years I have suffered from scoliosis of the spine, the painful cramp in my back was completely eradicated after Jennifer’s remarkable treatment. She has changed my life using her gift, love and devotion.

Sheila Fisher, Guildford, Surrey

Jennifer is a most wonderful, kind and caring person and has a gift of knowing how to heal the human heart. Her gift of healing and extensive knowledge has brought me back to good health and happiness.

Charlotte, Zurich, Switzerland

Jennifer’s knowledge of the body and how it combines with the emotions of the person is quite phenomenal. I have never met in the last 20 years of seeing various therapists such a knowledgeable person and a philosophy which surpasses naturopaths, dieticians and every other body therapist I have ever come into contact.

Sarah Gilbert, Woking

I respect Jennifer greatly for her open attitude, ‘non-flakiness’ and her years of commitment in mastering her field. Jennifer has a non-judgmental, caring attitude and she has fast become a trusted and genuinely caring figure in my life. I would sincerely recommend her to any one of my friends, or a complete stranger who is seeking help for a small problem or a whole new way of living….

Kura Kiddey, London

In my opinion, Jennifer Harper-Deacon is truly a *star*, her professional calm manner as well as her knowledge and her natural gift and perception for healing makes her completely unique…

Rayna Angel, Angel Event Management

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